Our Team

Our team of physicians are noted below.

  • Dr. Mervat EL-TAIR
  • Dr. Treena GREENE
  • Dr. Jeff HOVEY
  • Dr. Hicham IBRAHIM
  • Dr. Mandip JETTY
  • Dr. Lenore KENT
  • Dr. Shirin LAL
  • Dr. Ron MONAGHAN (Surgeon)
  • Dr. Jennifer OZARD
  • Dr. Victor SANDU
  • Dr. Christina TING-MALONE
  • Dr. Cathy WILLIAMS
  • Dr. Barb YEATS

Manotick Medical Centre is accepting new patients!

The Manotick Medical Centre is accepting new patient applications. If this is of interest, please continue to read the following information on the steps required to express your interest.  

If you are a potential patient with a valid Ontario Health Card (OHIP) you are welcome to apply and you will be placed on our waiting list.

If you are in need of a family doctor, please send only your first and last name and the best phone number to reach you by email to: mmcnewpatient@gmail.com.   ** ABSOLUTELY NO ** other information is to be provided in this e-mail message. By providing us with this information confirms your consent to provide us with your information and to be placed on the waiting list. This email is **NOT** to be utilized for any other reason other than to provide us with your expressed interest in being placed on a waiting list.  Please expect to hear back us within 4-5 weeks of you submitting your email. Please do not call us to verify, unless, it is beyond the 4-5 week period.

When an opening occurs, patients on the waiting list will be contacted according to when the application was received. Once contacted, you will be required to provide your OHIP number, DOB and address information at the time of booking a first appointment.

This first appointment at our clinic is called a ‘meet and greet’. It is a chance for you and the doctor to meet and discuss your health care hopes and concerns; and it is a chance for the doctor to explain how they run their practice. If both you and the doctor feel that there is a good fit to work together toward your health goals, then you will each sign an agreement that outlines the doctor/patient relationship. 

Once these steps have been carried out, you will be a patient at Manotick Medical Centre, under the care of your new family doctor.