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Manotic Medical Centre Reception Area

The Manotick Family Health Organization is committed to promoting, maintaining and enhancing the quality of life and health of our patients.We are a Family Health Organization (FHO).  The FHO model represents the alignment of Primary Care Networks and Health Service Organizations into one model.  FOHs are groups of physicians who provide comprehensive primary health care services to their patients with a focus on illness prevention.  FHOs provide care during regular and extended office hours and patients have access to a nurse staffed Telephone Health Advisory Service.

For patients who have a valid Ontario Health Card, The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers patients for medically necessary services in clinics, hospitals, etc.  There are however some services that are NOT paid for by OHIP.   These services are called uninsured services. As a result, the physician can request payment for these services. When a patient requests one of these services, payment is required at the visit when the service is provided. Below you will find a summary of our uninsured service rates. It should be noted these are subject to change without prior notice. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. Also, please notify the doctor if paying these fees poses any financial difficulties.

INVALID OHIP & MISSED APPOINTMENTS (Without 24 hours’ notice provided & for invalid OHIP Cards) *A non-refundable $10.00 administrative fee will be applied for invalid OHIP ONLY. CHARGE
Regular Appointment $25.00 + $10.00*  = $35.00
Regular Appointment  $40.00 + $10.00*  = $50.00
Physical Appointment/Driver’s Medical  $80.00 + $10.00*  = $90.00
Childrens’ Assessment $45.00 + $10.00*  = $55.00
Complete Medical Examination including form (Drivers, Superannuation) $160.00
Basic Travel Advice Appointment for Adults (drugs/serum & immunizations are EXCLUDED). See immunization pricing below.

  • Appointments for each Additional Family Member (children only). Drugs/serum & immunizations are EXCLUDED.  See immunization pricing below.
$60.00  $20.00
Paps more frequently than every 36 months or under 21, older than 70 (unless otherwise required medically as determined by MD) $75.00 (lab fee payable to the lab directly)
Sick Leave/Back to work/Referrals (physiotherapy, massage, orthotics, compression stockings, etc.) $20.00
Immunization Injection fee needed for Travel i.e. TWINRIX (serum excluded from fee)  The administration of this injection is NOT insured by OHIP. $10.00
TB Mantoux One Step Test includes form completion (If testing is for volunteer & employment reasons this is NOT covered by OHIP).  $40.00
TB Mantoux Two Step Test includes form completion (same conditions for coverage are as described under One Step) $60.00
Liquid Nitrogen – Removal or treatment of warts is insured by OHIP ONLY for plantar warts, genital warts and all warts in immunocompromised patients. $20.00
Liquid Nitrogen (Each Additional) At the discretion of MD
Photocopies – Immunizations, Lab results, etc. $1.00 per page, unless, pt is asking for Lab results without appt. = $10.00 to be appr’d by MD before
Faxing/Prescription Renewals/Lost Prescriptions/Requisitions Note: Patients are encouraged to ensure they have sufficient medications to last until their next appointment. Due to the high volume of prescription phone and fax requests effective January 2018 we will be charging the patient $15.00 for this emergency service. $15.00 fee will be applied
EpiPen (patient will be charged to refill RX) $106.00
Ventolin Mask $7.00 Child & $5.00 Adult
VISITS (patients only pay IF not covered by Canadian Medical i.e. INVALID OHIP * EXCLUDES Quebec patients.  
Physical Appointment $160.00
Regular Appointment $72.00
Regular Appointment  $46.00
Completion of Forms (depends on complexity – patients are ask to drop forms off in advance) Physician Hourly Rate
CD of Medical Records 1st Family member

All Family Members (one request, same time)



PLUS – Physician Review of Records Physician Hourly Rate
PLUS Admin Costs/Courier if applicable (clerical time, print volume, toner, paper, CD transfer, access fee costs, long distance calls/fax charges, etc.) Actual Cost
EXEMPTIONS (NOT PERMITTED TO BE CHARGE FOR COMPLETION) Section 24, Regulation 552 of the Health Insurance Act: Application for Accessible Parking Permit; Transit Forms for the Disabled; Permanent Resident Card Forms; Request for Birth Certificate Forms; Children`s Aid Society Form (on behalf of child); Canadian Passport Application; Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Forms (i.e. Limited Use, Assistive Devices, etc.)


The above noted charges are subject to change without prior notice.